January 31, 2011

quick lunch

you are what you eat...sometimes

если верить этой поговорке, сегодня я - цезарь с курицей и чай с облепихой!

i hope you're doing fine.

January 26, 2011

coffee break

если кто не знаком - это Саша. 
как бы странно это ни звучало: я лечусь от зимней хандры, фотографируя по мелочам или таких вот девушек, пока не остыл мой капучино. 
очень жду весну. чтоб  выйти туда, где нет стен!

really sick of winter cold and days without sunshine

January 22, 2011

my sister's hobby

she paints it right!

( a girl with deep-blue feathers on her head is my favorite one )

 for example

January 17, 2011

january sun

i got too much life running through my veins going to waste

January 13, 2011

blur love

this is all about self portraits. window light and remote.

January 12, 2011

pure morning

after christmas night.
i saw all that beauty in the backyard. 

January 11, 2011

nicest thing

I won this french thing for the soap in a pre-christmas contest. and i LOVE it! 
oh, i wanna go to France <3

January 10, 2011

studio shoot / home edition

studio shoot with natural light

photographer: Anastasia Volkova
MUA: Ann annbeauty Kartashova
model: Tanya

January 5, 2011

behind the scenes

preview of our new studio shoot 
just a few pics

it was fun :D

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